The Depths of the Compassion of Our God

Blessed be YHWH the God of Israel,
because He has looked upon His people and accomplished their release.
And He has roused the horn of deliverance for us
within the household of David His servant,
just as He said through the mouth of His holy prophets through the ages–
deliverance from our enemies and from the hand of those who hate us–
showing compassion in His dealings with our forefathers
and remembering His sacred pact,
having sworn an oath to Abraham our forefather to give Himself to us
so that unafraid, torn away from the enemies’ hand,
we may worship Him in integrity and righteousness
before His face through all our days.
And you, little child, will be called prophet of the Most High
for you will go forth before YHWH’s face to prepare His way,
to give knowledge of deliverance to His people
by the pardoning of their sins
through the depths of the compassion of our God
in which the Dawn will look upon us from on high
to shine upon those sitting in darkness and the shadow of death,
to direct our feet upon the way of peace.

– The Canticle of Zechariah (Luke 1:68-79), translated by Daniel J. Smith


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