The Magnificat: A Boast of YHWH

Another unconventional hymn translation in honor of today’s solemn feast of the Holy Mother of God.  Enjoy!

My being is a boast of YHWH,
and my spirit delights in the God of my deliverance,
because He has seen fit to regard his servant-girl’s lowliness.
For look! from this point on all generations will say that I am blessed:
because He Who has the power has done great things for me;
holy is His name;
His compassion is there from generation to generation
for those who fear Him.
He has put forth the strength of His arm,
has sifted like chaff the arrogant in the devises of their hearts:
He has deposed lords from their dignity
and exalted those of low estate;
the hungry He has filled with benefits
and the wealthy He has sent away empty-handed.
He has obliged Himself on behalf of Israel His son
to call to mind His compassion,
just as He said to our forefathers,
to Abraham and to his descendants for ever.

– The Canticle of Mary (Luke 1:46-55), translated by Daniel J. Smith


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