Recording the Secret: A Meditative Translation of “Pange, lingua”

Record, my tongue, the secret of the glorious Body
and of the precious Blood that, as price of the world,
the fruit of a noble womb poured out–the King of nations.

Given to us, born for us from an undefiled Maiden,
and having lived in the world as He sowed the seed of the Word,
He brings His sojourn to an end with a wondrous rite.

Reclining with His brethren on the night of His last supper,
having observed the law in full with the prescribed food,
to the Twelve He gives Himself as food with His own hands.

The Word-in-flesh makes true bread flesh by a word,
and wine becomes Christ’s blood;
and if perception is lacking to sustain a sincere heart,
faith alone is enough.

So bowing down let us revere such a great promise,
and let the former pattern fall to a new order.
Let faith stand forth as an aid to the failings of the senses.

To the Begetter and the Begotten be praise and jubilation,
strength and honor, glory as well, and blessing.
To the One Who proceeds from Both be accolade likewise.  Amen.

– St. Thomas Aquinas (translated by Daniel Smith)


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