The Wizard’s Magical Items, Part One

“Both the Wizard’s hands were embellished with rings: bright and shining on the right, dull and dark on the left. These were upon his hands at all times and seasons–except during the Fast, for he did not deem it proper to display finery upon his person when called upon to remind himself of his mortal weaknesses–and he would remove them in the presence of none but (it was said) his most intimate Friends, what Family he had, and his cherished Nine.” – from The Legend of the Nine Avatars

Part One: The Rings

Ring of the Prophet

Ring of the Prophet
Worn on the ring finger of the right hand, this scrolled silver band and its chalcedony stone reflect light. It is said that the stone is a ward of depression. It is not worn during the Fast.



Circle of Delphinos

Circle of Delphinos
This token evokes the dolphin murals of ancient Krete. Worn on the middle finger of the right hand, this silver band reflects light. It is not worn during the Fast.



Onyx Ring of Binding

Onyx Ring of Binding
Worn on the ring finger of the left hand, this token binds the Wizard to his Hero and is an appropriate companion to the Dark Arm. The large stone setting overshadows the brass band and absorbs light. During the Fast a simple black cloth band is worn as a substitute.


Rainbow Star Ring

Rainbow Star Ring
Worn on only one night of the year, the night of the Sacred Vigil, this token is worn in place of the Onyx Ring of Binding and is meant to reflect and amplify Christlight.



The Dark Arm

Dragonglass Bracelet (The Dark Arm)
Presented to the Wizard by his Hero, the Avatar of Victory, this leather bracelet is worn on the left wrist. The obsidian stone set in its front absorbs energy from direct exposure to sunlight and flame. It is worn at all times of the year except during the period between the Ceremonies of the Three-Day.


Next Time: The Pendants


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