The Wizard’s Magical Items, Part Two

“[T]he Wizard could be known by certain distinctions that rarely wavered. …The most spectacular of tells were his pendants, jeweled accessories that fascinated all in his presence.” – from The Legend of the Nine Avatars

Part Two: The Pendants

Regulus Cross


Regulus Cross
Named for the King of Stars which shines in the constellation of the Lion, this cross of stained blue glass framed and encircled by sterling is centered with an orb that shines deep blue. It is worn on all days that another pendant is not.


Regulus Crystal Cross


Regulus Crystal Cross
This pendant, a cross of four crystal arms set in a silver joint centered with sapphire, is worn on Feasts and Solemnfeasts except those occurring during the Fast.



Crux Lucis


Crux Lucis
Worn only on the night of the Sacred Vigil, this pectoral cross of white wiring braces a multitude of small faceted crystals intended to reflect and scatter Christlight.



Cross of Refiner's Fire


Cross of Refiner’s Fire
This cross of beaten gold centered with a fiery ruby is worn at the Wizard’s discretion on only the Day of Mercy and the days when the Spirit is invoked. It will, in the fulness of time, find its way to the Wizard’s Heart, the Avatar of Harmony.



Hero-SoulThe Hero-Soul
Brought by the Hero from his native land for the Wizard, this pendant is the brother to the Hero’s own which he wears around his neck at all times; it bears the Hero’s own mark but carved into the surface, not stained in ink. It is worn during the Fast and on other occasions of the Wizard’s choosing, especially when he wishes to share his Hero’s experiences.


Tau Cross

Tau Cross
This small cross of olive wood carved into the shape of the Greek letter tau is worn on the first day of each week during the Fast in addition to the Hero-Soul. It is also worn on the first day of the Fast.




This iron five-pointed star centered with an orb that shines deep blue, is worn on occasions of the Wizard’s choosing in place of the Regulus Cross, particularly at times of intense suffering.



Demon Ward

Cross of Heaven and Earth (Demon Ward)
This pendant, a cross medallion decorated with four triune knots, preceded the Regulus Cross as his commonware until it was given as a gift to his Hero, the Avatar of Victory, for it was dear to that one’s mind. It is said that wherever the Hero goes the Wizard is with him.


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Next Time: The Weapons


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