The Wizard’s Magical Items, Part Three

“[W]hether he was a Wizard in truth or in tongue has never ultimately been discerned. Although, given his high regard for the truth in all things, and given his disinterest in correcting this perception, it may be reasonably assumed that there was a truth supporting his fame.” – from The Legend of the Nine Avatars

Part Three: The Weapons

Regulus Garland


Regulus Garland
This set of blue beads on silver is the Wizard’s personally chosen weapon, burning with the fire of his own leonine heart.



Olive Garland


Olive Garland
Brought from the City of Peace, these simple wooden beads were given to the Wizard long ago along with the Armageddon Rock. Taken from that ancient land itself, they have seen much over the millennia. They are used during the Fast.



Pilgrim Garland


Pilgrim’s Garland
Given to the Wizard on a visit to the Eternal City, these simple plastic beads are used in solidarity with both earthly and spiritual pilgrims, to strengthen and defend them on their way.



Garland of Benedict


Garland of Benedict
Adorned with the seal and image of that scholarly shepherd who “cooperated in truth,” these black beads are used especially at times of discernment and invention.



Ring of Mercy


Ring of Mercy
Surmounted by the Image of Mercy, this more subtle of weapons may be used especially at times of atonement and penitence. Yet it can be a powerful reminder of the need for forgiveness and compassion.



Blessed Garland of the Elders


Blessed Garland of the Elders
This regal garland was blessed by the Wizard’s great spiritual mentors, and by that holy shepherd. It is used especially at times when the Wizard seeks deeper understanding and heavenly counsel, both for himself and others.



Last Time: The Pendants
Next Time: The Avatars


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