The Wizard’s Magical Items, Part Five

“Many loved the Wizard for many reasons… But loving the Wizard as what he was proved, as time and experience showed with increasing intensity, very difficult. The Hero in the Light did it with ease – for He is Love – but not many of His people seemed to know how, and at times even the Wizard himself did so only with inconsistent success. Perhaps this needless hardship was why That Hero sent him another one…” – from The Legend of the Nine Avatars

Part Five: The Evening Lights

The Diurnal Candle
Ringed by an inscription of the ancient divine command of love and set within a four-cornered frame, this votive in the center of the Table is lit every day, as love is a daily offering.

The Candles of Remembrance
These three votives, set within glass stems, are lit at Memortime in addition to the Diurnal Candle.

The Candles of Celebration
These two white sticks set within gold and silver columns are lit on Feasts, in addition to the Diurnal Candle and the Candles of Remembrance.

The Candles of Belief
These two sticks, set within vessels of gold supported by silver cherubs, are lit on the Rest-Day and on Solemnfeasts, in addition to all the others on the Table. These sticks will always reflect the color of the season.


OTHER LIGHTS (not pictured)
The Candle of the Sea
A blue candle is lit on days of the Lightbearer.

The Candle of Blood
A red candle is lit on days of the Witnesses, or of the Passion.

The Candle of Sanctity
A white candle is lit on days of the Holy Ones, or of the Hero in the Light Himself.


Candela Vespera



This stick, which is the same color as the Candles of Belief, is lit only from the start to the end of the Wizard’s sunset prayer. Its base is covered with inscriptions, bearing the words of the Twenty-seventh Song (“The Lord is my light…”) and those of the Hero in the Light as recorded by His Beloved Squire (“He that follows me shall not walk in darkness…”).



Last Time: The Avatars


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