About the Lonely Wizard

“Once upon a time, there was a Wizard who dwelled south of the City, at the top of a small tower at the top of a small hill near a meadow by a bay of the eastern ocean. And he dwelled there alone.” – from The Legend of the Nine Avatars

A brief conversation with the Avatar of Expression once went as follows…

Me: Which of your shoulders am I on?
He: Are you referring to the angel and devil stand-ins for conscience and the false representation of a decision binary?
Me: Yes.
He: You’re actually on neither. You’re the homeless man I walk by who rambles on religion to himself while the world passes him by unnoticed.

To this day, that last sentence is probably the truest thing ever said about me. You won’t find a lot of trendy excitement here in the realm of the Lonely Wizard. He has never been the “cool kid,” or the “popular guy.” He has never claimed to be, he has never tried to be, and he is never going to be. Grown men with long hair and jewelry who are not rich, famous or shapely enough to get away with it are not considered cool, and educated persons who pray and go to church frequently and voluntarily are not typically popular. What this Wizard is, simply, is a product of an ever-replicating love — through God and Man, through family and friends, through his Nine Avatars, for better and worse. And he has much that he wants to share with you.


…He also does some music when he gets the chance. 🙂

– “With Glory’s Wreath” (Farpoint Labs)

Original Church Music:
– Mass of the Blue Hills, for the Catholic parishes in Hyde Park
– Mass in F-minor, “Tertiary”
– Hymn to the Divine Mercy
– Veni Sancte Spiritus
– Missa in die Christi natalis
– You Know the Way
– Seek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars
– Quia surrexit Dominus
– In paradisum (from a yet-unfinished Requiem Mass)

Arranged Church Music:
– Alleluia! Sing to Jesus
– Hymn of Promise
– I Heard the Voice of Jesus
– Immaculate Mary
– It Came upon the Midnight Clear
– Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
– Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
– O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
– Open My Eyes
– Salve regina (from “Romance, op. 27” by C. Saint-Saens)
– Sing Praise to Our Creator

A capella Pop Arrangements:
– Move Along, All-American Rejects
– Telephone, Lady Gaga
– Love Song for a Vampire, Annie Lennox

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